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Installation or Setup

  • What are settings I have to do after Install?
  • Is there some notes for installtion ?
  • Why I don't see any buttons on user profile page ?
  • What is ODude Profile Position ?
  • When I create a menu and link to Browse Member, it gives error.

Purchase & Payment

  • Is the script is encrypted ?
  • How & when will I get my product purchased ?


  • Check if have sufficient balance
  • Display user point balance in my component
  • How to check if user installted odude profile component ?
  • How to integrate ODude Profile to my component ?
  • How to transfer point ?

Point System

  • Why do I see Add point at profile page ?
  • Why I unable add point to user ?
  • What is Point System?


  • What are the difference between FREE and PRO version ?
  • Which language is supported ?