Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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ODude Profile Download

Download Files for ODude Profile

   ODude Profile Component Full Package

This extension includes 2 module + 3 Plugins. 

All the module and plugin will get installed in single package.

Choose your Joomla version below to download ODude Profile Package.




v 2.8 


These files are included in package. No separate download required.

Extra modules for ODudeProfile. Below module are not included in package and need manual installation. 
  • ODude_Profile_Last_Online (Displays last online members into (row x column) format )
  • ODude_Profile_Who_is_Online (Displays last online registered & guest members with their username )
  • ODude_Profile_My_Photo (Displays last online members) [Module Position : odude_left]
  • ODude_Profile_Share (Displays AddThis social share button)
  • ODude_Profile_Random_Member (Displays random members into (row x column) format)   

I want to buy PRO version with additional module and no link back to